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Kristdemokraternas partisekreterare Peter Kullgren.

Christian Democrats want to see less entertainment in public service – Kulturnytt in P1

Children’s culture, debate programs and regional news are areas where the party’s board believes that public service firms should put the finishing touches. Extensive entertainment should be done by commercial representatives. Peter Colgren writes in one book discussion article مقال In Dagens Nyheter (ed.).

Large leisure products are a typical example of what commercial players can do equally well, or in many cases in a better way, we prefer to protect the core of public service, Peter Kullgren tells Kulturnytt.

What is “widespread entertainment”?

“For example, the great entertainment production you have and what isn’t is what we describe as the core of a multi-faceted, unbiased, and community-based news activism,” says Peter Colgren.

The new, and what the party itself describes as a “narrower” orientation for public service companies, will propose the D.P.’s board of directors. K. Parliament next November. Thus one joins the moderates, who recently before their caucus proposed a special working group to investigate the narrow task of public service.

The question of the congregation’s public service was relevant within Christian Democrats before when individual representatives exercised the issue in the National Assemblies, but now the new thing is that the proposal comes from the party council itself.

The fact that the issue is relevant this year may have something to do with the increased focus on public service following the transition from fee funding to tax funding. I think this is the primary reason why the issue has political relevance, even within Christian Democrats, says Peter Colgren.

On the other hand, KD, unlike the moderates, does not see an advertising-funded model in front of them because they believe it will pull the content in a more commercial direction.

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