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That’s why things are better here than in Spain

That’s why things are better here than in Spain

In the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Greece and the United Kingdom, curves are rising sharply – and countries have reintroduced restrictions on restaurants and nightlife.

But Sweden is going in the opposite direction. Here, the spread is the lowest in Europe and the government will ease the requirements from Thursday 15 July.

According to Anders Technel, state epidemiologist at the Swedish Public Health Organization, the difference is that other countries have quickly relaxed many of the restrictions – and nightlife is not as open as in other countries. He also emphasizes the rapid pace of vaccination in Sweden.

– My Spanish colleagues have described the big explosions that take place in the nightclub environment and the like. Under these circumstances, Anders Technell says, we have to be very careful in opening up until we have a wide range of space.

Restrictions can be reintroduced

According to Anders Technical, Sweden has a slow start.

– We have taken it step by step, there are no such strict locks and it is not fully open like other countries. He told a news conference that some countries had no restrictions.

Anders Technell is also concerned that Sweden is receiving cases from Spain, Greece and other tourist countries, so he urges everyone who visits these countries to test themselves against the virus.

– We recommend that the PCR test be performed as soon as possible.

If the spread increases again, the government and the Swedish Public Health Agency will have to reconsider.

– We can not deny that we will get similar growth in Sweden, says Technell.

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Phase 3 of the government’s relief plan will begin on July 15.