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Peter and Mary were nominated for an International Equestrian Award

Peter and Mary were nominated for an International Equestrian Award

Peter Frederickson won a medal in every color – Olympic gold, Olympic silver and European Championship bronze on the team – and this is one of the reasons why he was nominated for FEI Awards for taking him to a new level. , Peden Bloodstock FEI Best Athlete.

Another reason is certainly his many qualifications in a long life, but good horse riding.

She was nominated for the title along with Olympic gold medalist Julia Krozewski, along with German Queen Jessica van Prado Verndl and parade Tris Rider Sir Lee Pearson, Great Britain.

In the next section, Groom of the Year, Guardian FEI Best Groom, we have a Swedish nomination – with the exception of Matri Johansson, the groom at Patrick Kittle. She is presented as follows:

There are the last 15 years Mary Johansson, Or Miss Malli, which is an important part of her nickname, Dressage Rider Patrick Kittels Team.

Mary came to the Patrick barn after reading an advertisement for her work in a magazine, and she immediately realized that she was the person she was looking for.

Mary has sided with him in every major match since 2008. No matter what day or time, Mary will always be there for the horses and her team. She is kind, loving and always a good supporter. Her interest is so great that she is inspired by a small national competition like a championship.

She has incredible enthusiasm and always lives in excitement and competition. With Mary, every horse gets the best care, and for her, their well-being is a high priority.

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