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Canada came out badly against Kazakhstan - short win

Canada came out badly against Kazakhstan – short win

As for the results, Canada has recovered with three straight losses from the start of the initial defeat. They have two wins in a row, but this is not the most impressive three pointers against Kazakhstan.

Canada took a 2-0 lead early in the second period when team captain Adam Henrique advanced on Owen Power’s back shot. But three minutes later, following a front post by Darcy Kuember, Nikita Mikajlis was reduced to a well-placed shot. One minute into the final period, Kazak came forward again and was pushed to the equalizer via Kuember’s picking glove.

Kazakhstan pressed behind the draw and the yoke on the shoulders of the Canadian players became heavier while at the same time holding their positions. But with a knife to the throat, Cole Perpetti’s skill advanced. The 19-year-old entered the fort, got the buck and scored 3-2, 7.40.

Kazakhstan pressed for a draw and the match lasted until the final minutes. But Canada was able to resist, punching in the empty goal cage and winning 4-2.

Thus, Canada’s hope for a place in the quarterfinals still lives on despite the lack. With two games left to play, they are sixth in the group with six points.

In the second match of Group B on Friday, Norway beat Latvia 4-3 after penalties. Michael Haga, who played for Durgarden last season, set the Norwegian decisive penalty.