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AMD Ryzen "Raphael" with Zen 4 could get the power-hungry flagship

AMD Ryzen “Raphael” with Zen 4 could get the power-hungry flagship

By the end of 2022, several hardware innovations are expected on the processor front, including AMD’s next step in the form of next-generation Ryzen processors and the new Zen 4 architecture, which will be the company’s first new architecture in two years. So far, relatively few details about the design have been confirmed, although more is known about the platform. Includes, among others AM5 . socket Support for PCI Express 5.0 and DDR5, with backward compatibility for DDR4.

In addition, the step was reduced to 5 nm, which could mean more cores for consumer models. However, the information scattered from AMD does not mean that the circle of rumors persists, as the Twitter profile is also the leak Trustworthy Now he says that higher models get the same number of cores, but they go up in TDP value.

In its post, the leak specifies two models, where the 12-core variant is bundled with 24 wires but remains at the same TDP of 105 Watts (W) as the best current generation models. This also corresponds to Previous rumorsThere has been talk of both 105 and 120 W. For the 16-core, 32-wire flagship model that is expected to replace the current Ryzen 9 5950X, there is talk of a TDP of 170W.

It should be noted that the TDP does not necessarily correspond to the power budget, as for example the Ryzen 9 5950X selected 105W means a power budget of 142W. The next generation model is much more energy-hungry.

On the part of Intel, above all else, the Core i9-12900K of the “Alder Lake” family has a very high power output, with up to 240W under multi-wire load. Provided the TDP of 170W is correct, it’s not impossible for AMD’s next flagship to slip away and fall a little above 200W.

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