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Google talks about the latest 'Feature Drop' for the Pixel series

Google talks about the latest ‘Feature Drop’ for the Pixel series

Google is giving the Pixel series new features with so-called “Feature Drops”. The latest set of features is now on its way to the Pixel 3a and newer models in the series.

A novelty for Snapchat users is the ability to launch Snapchat directly from the lock screen, by double-clicking on the back cover. The functionality is released for Pixel 4a and later.

The Pixels 6 and 6 Pro can now take advantage of Ultra Wide Bandwidth (UWB). Google writes that UWB will improve the Nearby Sharing feature. as already mentioned The Dual Pixel 6 can also be used as automotive digital keys for select BMW vehicles from 2020 to 2022.

Built-in app Subwoofer It has been given a conversation mode that makes speech more clear in noisy environments. Google uses machine learning to improve its sound. Users choose the sound to be pronounced by pointing the phone at the person. The feature is mainly intended for users who are hard of hearing.

Pixel phones can automatically identify the music playing in the environment. This is done locally, without an internet connection. What’s new is that users can choose to perform a manual search, as well as favorite specific songs so that they are easy to find.

The latest addition is a collection of new wallpapers in the Wallpaper app.

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