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Game rewards include 4-5 items "at the same level as the Ring of Fire"

Game rewards include 4-5 items “at the same level as the Ring of Fire”

What could it be about?

In just three days, The Game Awards 2021 will be launching, and it really looks like it could be an interesting event. We already know that 40-50 games will do that displayed10 of them are brand new. Nor does it seem to relate to any smaller projects that will be announced and shown, at least not if one is to believe Jeff Kelly.

In an interview with USA TODAY Talking about the game’s first promo elden ring, which was shown at the Keighley Summer Games Festival this summer. Everything had to be planned for 2-3 years, calling it a very desirable game already delivered (shown in the trailer). But the game prizes then? This is what Kelly says:

this year? Geez, we probably have four or five things on that level. I’m really looking forward to showing it to people.

We don’t know if these four to five items are about announcements or new material from already known games, but our gut feeling says it’s going to be a mixed bag. But what it is about, we can only dream about. The first game from Bethesda starfield It would be nice, no doubt, even if Todd Howard He says It is likely to happen this summer.

For us in Sweden, the broadcast starts at 2:00 on the night of December 10th.

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