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Google Messages hits a major milestone — and gets new features

Google Messages hits a major milestone — and gets new features

Billion passes

Google’s success with RCS means that Google Messages now has over a billion users.

Google has been working hard to explain the benefits of RCS (Rich Communication Services), the successor to SMS and its own messaging service, Google Messages. Despite the lack of success in convincing Apple to invest in RCS, the company still shows success. Publish now Google Information that Messages has crossed the barrier of one billion users around the world, which is celebrated by giving the messaging service no less than seven new functions.

1. Expressive images

Use AI to turn your favorite photos into reactions. Select the photo, choose the object you want to turn into a Photomoji, then tap Send. Your creations are saved in a private tab for reuse, and your friends in group chats also use sent Photomoji.

2. Audio mood, in addition to improving sound quality

Voice messages get better quality thanks to bitrate and sample rate, but also the ability to choose from nine different emotions to give your message more emphasis.

3. Screen effects

Screen effects give messages more animation to what you’re writing about, such as “It’s snowing” or “I love you.” According to Google, there are more than 15 different effects and it urges users to try to find them all.

4. Custom bubbles

With new custom bubbles, you can customize the color and backgrounds of the bubbles for your conversation and the person you’re communicating with. It’s no longer just about blue or green.

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5. Feedback effects

Reaction Effects are an addition to your messaging experience that bring more life to your conversations in the form of animated icons. If you respond with a simple icon, the effects will be more extensive if one of the icons is 👍❤️ 😂😮😡👎💩🎉😠 or 😢.

6. Animated emojis

Adds visual effects based on the icons you send.

7. Features

Displays a screen where the user can customize their username and photo information on an Android mobile phone. With Profiler, you have the option to customize your profile name and the photo that accompanies your phone number.