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Gigabyte 8GHz overclocking record canceled

Gigabyte 8GHz overclocking record canceled

Shortly before the launch of the Intel Alder Lake family of processors, the Spanish division of Gigabyte published a post on Twitter with an impressive overclocking result. They claimed to have broken world records and managed to crack the core of the new Core i9-12900K flagship model down to a full 8GHz.

► Intel Core i9-12900K i 8GHz var fejk

The result was validated with CPU-Z Validator, which made the developer Doc TB Behind the program is very skeptical. This is due to a previous bug that caused incorrect results, something he and other overclockers suspected was happening again. Gigabyte has also been accused of not having completely clean flour in the bag, as the update that fixed the previous bug could be bypassed by accessing the motherboard’s BIOS/UEFI source code.

CPU-Z Validator has not received any concrete evidence in contact with Gigabyte that they achieved the purported result. Further investigations should have shown that the result was validated as a consequence of the previously known defect and thus the result was officially declared invalid.

Along the same lines, Doc TB also notes that Gigabyte pulled out a similar maneuver at the launch of the Ryzen 9 5950X, claiming they hit over 6GHz. This must have been manually ruled out at the time and a new analysis confirms that even in this case it was a false result.

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