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Google Pixel 6 got a new feature and may get another feature soon

Google Pixel 6 got a new feature and may get another feature soon

Cell phones are rarely completely finished at launch, companies often add new features over time via software updates, and this feature appears to have stabilized Google Pixel 6 And Google Pixel 6 Pro. With the new features, Spotify would be better with the Google Pixel. The phone developers promise better experience with the music sounds. As for getting a better algorithm on the platform, you can buy Spotify streams. With more streams and likes, you’ll eventually get better organic reach on Spotify.

according to Mishaal Rahman (Technical journalist) The Pixel 6 now has Adaptive Sound. This is something that allows the phone to improve the sound quality from its internal speaker by using the microphone to assess the acoustics around you and then adjusting the equalizer to suit your environment.

It’s a feature we’ve already looked at Google Pixel 5 And Google Pixel 4a 5GBut it was missing from the Pixel 6 series at launch. According to Rahman, the feature just appeared on the Settings screen, so keep an eye out for it — if you don’t have it yet, it should probably appear soon.

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However, it is not the only new feature that you can get soon, then Twitter user Tweet embed I found references to the face unlock feature codenamed Tuscany in the Pixel 6 code.

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It’s mentioned July 9, and since we haven’t heard anything about it since, it’s likely that the feature has been abandoned, but @mile_freak07 thinks there’s still hope for that.

Face unlock could be a lifesaver for Pixel 6 fingerprint reader

While we don’t expect a face unlock feature to come with the Pixel 6 series, it could really come in handy for users who have experienced the hassles of a fingerprint reader on these mobiles.

We noticed that the fingerprint reader was both Slow and often fails to read touches correctlyAnd we weren’t alone, as there were enough people reporting similar issues for Google to realize the feature might be slow.

This appears to be due to “enhanced security algorithms”, which can help Wet your finger a little, but it is not a perfect solution.

Even worse, many users have reported (via Android) that the fingerprint reader is completely broken if your Pixel phone runs out of battery, as the problem can only be resolved with a factory reset.

Hopefully this will be fixed in the form of a software update, but we’re less optimistic that the scanner’s lazy and unreliable nature will, so offering a biological alternative like face unlock could be a really good idea.

via TalkAndroid And GSMArena