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Now we can (temporarily) create game modes using the Battlefield 2042 portal editor

Now we can (temporarily) create game modes using the Battlefield 2042 portal editor

Update: EA has clarified that Portal only works temporarily before the game is released and that what you create will not be saved. So the service may become unavailable soon, and if you create something, it might be a good idea to take screenshots of the settings so you can recreate them when the service starts up sharply.

original article: No one will be surprised by the Portal feature in Battlefield 2042 It turns out to be the most popular part of the game, and so far we can start lazing with it. The game will be released in Early Access tomorrow, and prior to that, EA made the Portal Editor available, which can be accessed via any browser. Here.

For example, I can create a Conquest game mode where damage is maxed, no HUD or mini-map helps track ammo and enemies, and where there are no vehicles to hide in. In addition, one team consists of Battlefield 2042characters, while the opponents are soldiers of bad company 2. However, snipers are a nuisance, so I disabled the Recon and Scout classes, as well as the scoped weapons. Treadmills are also very annoying, so get rid of them.

You can also delve into creating unique features in your game mode. It was explained, among other things, by Reddit user, who created one Al-Qaeda Increases players’ health if they stay close to other team members.

In other words, there are a plethora of settings and options to tweak, and many learn to recreate their favorite scenarios from previous games. But new maps don’t seem to be springing up to choose from either, and we’ll also likely get a lot of innovative game scenarios to start with.

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