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Gas Station PP: Sales that charge faster than petrol make a quick profit

Gas Station PP: Sales that charge faster than petrol make a quick profit

The demand for fast chargers is increasing rapidly as sales of electric cars increase. To convince the wider masses in choosing an electric car, the charging infrastructure must also be followed. Careless fast charging, easy to find and no queues is a prerequisite.

Here, petrol stations in the country will play a key role and have great opportunities. This is a place that most motorists are already accustomed to visiting when it comes to giving the car more power (regardless of shape). Many players like OKQ8 and Circle K already understand this and have started to build faster chargers in their stations. Prim will also start soon.

British BP initially invested in fast charging in the UK and some other parts of Europe. Today, the UK has the largest network of 150+ kW fast chargers with approximately 150 charging stations. An investment has now proven to be very profitable, Writes the newspaper company Reuters. Is almost equivalent to selling fossil fuels.

Emma Delaney, BP’s customer and product leader, tells Reuters: “Compared to fuel and faster charging, the tank will reach a point where business platforms are better at charging faster than fuel.”

BP did not share any statistics. On the other hand, electric car charging sales increased by 45 percent in the third quarter of 2021 compared to the previous quarter.

– Overall, we see a great opportunity for fast charging for consumers and companies but also for car sharing services. This is where we see rapid growth and good margins, Emma continues Delaney.

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Also, Emma says that BP’s strategy is to focus exclusively on charging faster than destination charging for those on the go.

More and more British petrol companies are jumping on the bandwagon

The British-Dutch Royal Dutch Shell also sees opportunities to charge electric cars. But the news agency explains that the strategy here is different. Even if you invest in fast charging, you will also invest more in AC charging and destination charging. Shell aims to open 500,000 public charging points worldwide by 2025.

Last week, Shell opened a station in London with only fast chargers. There are nine quick chargers on site. Significantly, all the petrol pumps at the station were removed to allow for quick charging.