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That is why Russia is pressing now

That is why Russia is putting pressure now

Russia has amassed tens of thousands – more than 100,000 by some estimates – of soldiers near the border with Ukraine in the autumn.

Moscow has sent a list of demands to NATO and the United States, among other things, demanding that the military alliance not allow new members.

According to Kutren Pearson, Russia’s expert and head of research at the Swedish defense research firm FOI, there are a number of reasons why requirements are now being set.

– The Russian side has its rationality and its logic. Sometimes some observers in the West don’t really see it, but they say it’s bizarre demands, but from the Russian horizon you see the weak US and EU, says Pearson.

Good foreign exchange reserves and government funds

Russia’s reasonably good government finances and good foreign exchange reserves are cited as additional reasons for the increase.

In addition, many world leaders are busy with other things, he continues.

– Merkel is not in Germany, Macron campaigns in France and Johnson now has major problems in the UK.

Do you see something that reduces stress?

– This is the unresolved conflict in the conversation that took place in Geneva. Hard work applies here. These are tough questions, which are complicated. There is talk of mid-range robot controls in Europe, which Persen says is very good for our security in Northern Europe:

– This affects the overall security. From the Kola Peninsula to the Black Sea via the Baltic Sea.