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Gamers need to feel comfortable not having games  MovieZine

Gamers need to feel comfortable not having games MovieZine

He says that if consumers can stop buying CDs and DVD movies, they can also stop buying physical games and turn to subscription services instead.

Game publisher Ubisoft has now updated the subscription model for its Ubisoft+ gaming service and divided it into two different tiers.

Ubisoft+ Premium costs 179 SEK per month and will include all new games released by Ubisoft and in some cases also gives the user early access to games as well as their premium versions, monthly bonuses and more.

Instead, the new Ubisoft+ Classic will only be available for PC and offers a selection of older Ubisoft games, such as “Far Cry 6” and “Rainbo Six: Siege,” and costs around 79 SEK per month.

“We looked at consumer behavior and how users interact with our offer and saw an opportunity for us to develop,” says Ubisoft Director of Subscriptions, Philippe Tremblay.

According to him, there is a huge opportunity for growth in gaming subscription services. Assuming that players change their consumption behavior.

– One of the things we've seen is that gamers are used to owning and owning their games, like with DVDs. It's a consumer shift that needs to happen. They're used to not having their own CD collection or their own DVD collection. It's a change that's happened more slowly when it comes to gaming.

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