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Bard can take over the entire Google Assistant task

Bard can take over the entire Google Assistant task

Google launched the Pixel 8 at the beginning of October last year, announcing that its AI chatbot Bard would be coming to the Assistant in 2024. Since then, beta versions of the Assistant have talked about a “Bard Assistant,” but now reports 9 to 5 Google It could alternatively rename the entire application to Bard.

In version 15.2 of the Google app for Android, the introduction of Bard went from “Hi! I'm Assistant with Bard” to “Hi! I'm Bard, a new experimental AI assistant on your phone.” In other places too, Assistant with Bard has become short and sweet, for example in Settings.

For those who can't or don't want to access the new version with Bard, the old assistant will last at least a little while longer. In beta versions, Google called this Assistant Google Assistant (Classic) and talked about “Classic Assistant functionality,” but in version 15.2 it is just called Google Assistant. He points out that Google will separate Bard and Assistant more clearly.

Last week, Google removed a wide range of functions from Assistant, such as the ability to set alarms with music or radio, relay a calendar event, connect to a specific device or send voice messages to family members outside the home.

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