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The EU could have its own app store for iOS

The EU could have its own app store for iOS

Then the EU requires implementation Digital Markets Law That, among other things, Apple should open up the possibility of installing applications that come from third-party stores. Apple has March 7 as a deadline to come up with a solution, and this could be a separate app store with more options for EU citizens.

Specifically, what capabilities will be offered is currently unknown and will remain so as long as the lid remains open at Apple. Analyst Mark Gorman believes: Via Bloomberg Newsletter, that Apple is preparing for the possibility of side loading applications in Europe and that it will be launched sharply in the coming weeks. This means that it will be possible to install apps from third-party stores on Apple phones and tablets, regardless of whether the apps comply with Apple's app rules or not.

As a result, Apple could split the App Store into two parts, one for EU countries and one for the rest of the world. This means that iOS users in the EU have a better experience thanks to more control over what can be installed on their devices. At the same time, it increases the risk of installing malicious applications, which requires the user to be aware of the source of the application in question.

As we mentioned, the deadline for Apple to tweak the App Store is March 7, and as Gorman points out that the new system will only be a few weeks away, it won't be long before we get official information on how Apple will adapt to the situation.

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