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G7 countries defy China - launch a global infrastructure plan

G7 countries challenge China – launch global infrastructure plan

Named Built-Back Better World (P3W), it is unclear how much the project will cost – or how it will work. But the purpose cannot be missed.

A spokesman for US President Joe Biden told Reuters that B3W should meet a large investment requirement globally, but it is also about challenging China, which has increased its influence globally in recent years, not least in the Third World.

New Silk Road

Within the so-called Belt and Road Project or the New Silk Road, China has agreements with more than 100 countries on infrastructure investments such as railway construction and ports. The purpose of the G7 declaration seems to be to provide an alternative to the Silk Road diplomacy.

A White House spokesman explains how the United States and other Western nations have not yet demonstrated the benefits of “our values, our standards, and the way we do business.”

For the United States, China seems to be an important conversation, especially during the G7 summit in the UK this weekend. Joe Biden is said to want to put more pressure on the country when it comes to the use of forced labor, at least not in Xinjiang, where Uyghur minorities are being called to reuse camps. But being a UK host and a newcomer from the European Union is also attracting attention.

“EU nations fully united”

EU Commission President Ursula van der Leyne is reportedly pressuring Prime Minister Boris Johnson to resolve the Northern Ireland issue and avoid tensions on the Irish border.

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“We want better relations with the UK. We must implement what we have agreed to. Both EU countries fully accept this,” he wrote. Twitter.

The meeting in Cornwall continues until Sunday. In addition to the government representatives of the seven largest economies in the world (not China), it also participates through the EU Commission.