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The setback for Boris Johnson: No coal shutdown in 2030

The setback for Boris Johnson: No coal shutdown in 2030

The climate came up for discussion on Sunday at the G7 meeting in Cornwall, UK. Among other things, the renewed promises to reduce emissions in developing countries are expected to contribute $ 100 billion annually.

The United Kingdom and the European Union are trying to achieve a sharper goal in coal power. But there, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is now ready to take a bite.

Weak targets than last spring

According to Politico sources, coal power will not be cut off by 2030. Instead, the goal would be to “increase speed” to reduce coal power.

Already a goal to distinguish themselves from vakkurutiyalikkappattavar. Writing is weaker than the G7 countries’ environment ministers promised in May.

It was a difficult discussion, because all countries can achieve a serious goal, according to an EU source politiko.

– Of course, each country has to determine their energy sources, but we continue to work with them and emphasize that renewable energy is the way forward, “Boris Johnson’s spokeswoman told the newspaper.

Attenborough pushes

Earlier, television legend David Attenborough, who has been heavily involved in climate change, commented on the importance of far-reaching measures to control carbon dioxide emissions.

The BBC reports that decisions made in our time are “the most important in human history.”

Climate activists have also demonstrated at the meeting to try to influence world leaders.

The G7 has agreed to a global corporate tax

On Saturday, at least 15 percent of the G-7 countries agreed on worldwide corporate tax.
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