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Formula 1 star Sir Louis Hamilton sells his exclusive sports car

Seven-time world champion Sir Louis Hamilton has sold his exclusive car for millions.

The reason? He no longer wants to drive a car – for ethical reasons.

Seven-time world champion Sir Lewis Hamilton Sells its exclusive car. Hamilton is said to have built exclusively when he bought his Pagani Zonda in 2014. It was based on the Zonda 760RS, but he made some changes, among others it was a requirement that it should be a manual gearbox. An automatic. With 760 horsepower, this car can go up to 100 kilometers in three seconds.

In addition, the purple color and rear wing were specially made and the unique model was named the Zonda 760LH – that is, with Hamilton’s initials.

Bagani notes that there are only five versions of the 760 model and that they are all unique.

Ethical reasons behind the sale

However, the car has been in his possession since 2014, and the car has not rotated even 1000 miles. This did not come as a big surprise to Sir Louis Hamilton, who, in terms of ethical considerations, could not be protected from driving cars with internal combustion engines due to environmental impact.

That’s why he has now chosen to sell the exclusive Roar lid. This car is being sold and shipped to an anonymous owner in the UK. What did the prize money come for? According to Italy almost SEK 103 million Car Magazine Quattroroute.

Lewis Hamilton.
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