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Jens and Petronella are new to the national jumping team

Jens and Petronella are new to the national jumping team

National Team Management Seniors and U25
Henrik Angkrona, National Team Leader, 0702-460270, Email

Ann Catherine Carlson, Senior Consultant, 0707733853, E-mail
Annika Erscord, Elite Coordinator Jumping, 0220-456 11, Email

The national team consists of A and B teams.

A team

Teams preparing for the championship. The team should have achieved the most equivalent results at the CSI5 * / CSIO5 * level in the last 12 months. External results are preferred. CSIO 5 *

Angelica Augustsson Zanotelli – International Results
Born: 1987, Hometown: Pfungstadt, Club: Onsala Ryttarförening
Horse: Kalinka v / d Nachtegaele (Owner: Angelica Augustsson Zanotelli / Rostal NV)

Malin Barrott Johnson – International Results
Born: April 10, 1975, Hometown: Norcoping, Club: Linkoping Faltrid Club
Horse: H&M Indiana (Owner: Story Arch)

Rolf-Gran Bengtsson – International Results
Born: 2 June 1962, Location: Itzehoe, Germany, Club: Flyinge Hästsportklubb
Horse: Ermindo W (Owner: Stall Bengtsson GmbH / Nielsdotter)

Henrik von Eckermann – International Results
Born: 25 May 1981, Residence: Kessel, Netherlands, Club: Östra Sörmlands Lantliga RF
Horse: King Edward (Owner: Dufor Stables)

Peder Fredricson – International Results
Born: 30 January 1972, hometown: Vittapi, Club: Österlens Ridklubb
Horses: H&M All In (Owner: Stuteri Arch), H&M Christian K (Owner: Stuteri Arch), Catch Me Not S (Owner: Ebba Berglöf)

Douglas Lindelov – International Results
Born: 10 December 1990, Location: Hörby, club: Flyinge Hästsportklubb
Horses: Sheldon (Owner: Stall Fuldofta), Casco Blue (Owner: Stall Jet)

Evelina Tovek – International Results
Born: 27 August 1993, Residence: Kessel, Netherlands, Club: Worbergs Ridclub
Horse: Talila de la Pomme (Owner: Susanne Toveque), Vinneto de la Hamende Z (Owner: Susanne Toveque)

Angeli van Essen – International Results
Born: 27 November 1978, Residence: Dinmore, Hereford, United Kingdom, Club: Bangorid Ritclub
Horse: Alcaphone des Carmill (Owner: John Osterdall / Silver Soderstrand)

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Petronella Anderson – International Results
Born: 1991, Hometown: Höllviken, Club: Lillhagens Ridklubb
Horse: Castress V / D Peggy Knocker Z (Owner: Stepex Staples)

Jens Frederickson – International Results
Born: 14 December 1967, hometown: Blendorf, Club: Flying Hustsport Club.
Horse: Markans Cosmopolit (Owner: Interbreed / Strömsholms Marketenteri)


Teams suitable for CSIO competitions. Teams must have consistent results at least at the CSI3 * GP level for the past 12 months. External results are preferred. Teams can qualify for the championship.

Annika Axelson – International Results
Born: 20 February 1983, Location: Maaseik, Belgium, Club: Flyinge Hästsportklubb
Horse: Cleo Z (Owner: Alia Humaid / Annika Axelson)

Linda Heat – International Results
Born: 19 July 1979, Residence: Tigelsjo, Club: Sodertalje Ritclub
Horse: Decurio (Owner: Vattle AB), Lauren Van Orschoff (Owner: Stall Heed AB)

Stephanie Holman – International Results
Born: 27 January 1991, Hometown: Welling, Club: Österlens Ridklubb
Horse: Phillips Little Sparrow (Owner: Crawlundgorton Vottapi / Astrid Ohlin)

Wilma Hellstrom – International Results
Born: 1993, Hometown: Howas, Club: Bildals Ritclub
Horse: Cicci BJN (Owner: WH Sporthorses)

Andrea Person – International Results
Born: March 2, 1997, Hometown: Groove, Club: Österlens Ridklubb
Horse: f. Las Vegas (Owner: Shiv Person)

Antonia Pettersson Häggström – International Results
Born: June 1, 1997, hometown: Kungsbeka, Club: Moldall’s Rid Club
Horse: Sakkadara (Owner: Abdel Side / AS Sport Horse / Stall Deus)

Erica Swartz – International Results
Born: January 29, 1991, Hometown: Domilella, Club: Henrikstels Ritterforing
Horse: Jovida (Owner: Erica Swartz)

Alexander Jetterman International results
Born: 1990, Hometown: Linderad, Club: Wellinghustportporting.
Horse: Triton Hustock (Owner: Promotion / Nut-Axel Northenbelt / Roin Jetterman), Conrad (Owner: Welling Ritzenter)

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Marcus Westergren International results
Born: 23 January 1976, Residence: Nordalje, Club: AB Ridclub
Horse: Soon G (Owner: Lena Westergren / Susan Wetterlin)

Development team

The cart with 8-10 year olds with promising horses showed efficiency and growth. In CSI2 * GP level and / or 4 * / 5 * elite competitions the team has shown consistent growth curve and performance level and may be suitable for national team assignments.

Petronella Anderson – Clapton Mouch, Halida O, Nietzsche V / D Byrdenhov (All Owned By: Stephex Stables)
Rolf-Gran Bengtsson – Zuccero (E.g .: Holsteiner Verband)
Jonah Ekberg – Calypso de Beauforw (Owner: Irena Nikovic)
Henrik von Eckerman – Hollywood v (Owner: Susanne Tovek)
Emma Emanuelson – Stakandura (Owner: Bo Emanulson & Gulbrid Melin)
Stephanie Holman – Comet Saint Just (Owner: Jennifer Labriffe)
Douglas Lindelow – Charlie’s Way (Owner: Stall Fulltofta), Eldoret PS (Owner: Stall Fulltufta & Stall Zet)
Erica Swartz – Madonna (Owner: Cecilia Swartz)
Angeli von Essen – Happiness DK Z (AG: BXB match)
Heda Wallin – Carrero TZ (Owner: Genicase)

Observations Team

Team overseeing CSI2 / 3 * GP status and / or 4 * / 5 * elite matches. The period of membership in this group is one year only. This group is seen as the founding committee for national team work.

Amanda Landblot – to Gilli (Owner: Jacobsbergs Stuteri)
Karin Martinsen – Taylormate Glow Star PS (Owner: Paul Schockemöhle & Tailormade Horses)
Fredrik Spetz – Flanagan (Owner: Charlotte Rapp Hamrén)