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More and more people see smart technology as a natural part of everyday life, while at the same time increasing the distinction between the new and the old world. This is especially evident in the case of invoices where growth is stagnant. At the same time, the future resource invoice process will help companies to improve customer experience, increase competitiveness and strengthen loyalty.

It has become difficult for companies to differentiate their products and compete with prices. Today’s winners are technology giants like Netflix, where the service focuses on good customer experience and a good sense of loyalty. The expectations these companies have created for customers are now spreading to products and services in other areas.

Communicate with the customer through the invoice

Philogram Complete solution for invoice and fee targeting companies with limited customer contact in competitive markets. The digital platform means that the invoice process will be more efficient and transparent, and more money will arrive on time. On average, Pilogram reduces the number of reminders by 50 percent, which contributes to greater customer satisfaction.

– The invoice still looks the same today as it did 100 years ago. If you look at the key competing tools, customer experience and loyalty, almost 90 percent of end customers claim a single contact invoice and payment with their supplier. Chief Revenue Officer Carl Lindberg says the philogram physics converts invoices and makes them interactive and digital.

Business partner for increased customer satisfaction

Interactive and Digital invoices create new opportunities – Invoice and personal selection payment and delivery system directly between supplier and end customer. With Pilogram, the supplier can treat customers individually with regard to reminders and debt collection, which increases customer satisfaction and loyalty. Many people now realize the value of reaching the end customer through the invoice and the customers include companies like Kry, Ownit, Telge Energi and Svea Solar.

– The most important thing for Pilogram is to strengthen the relationship between our customer and the end customer, so Pilogram is a white label solution. What differentiates Pilogram from other players is that Pilogram earns money per transaction – in other words, to an end customer who relies more on reminders and debt collection. Carl Lindbergh says our corporate clients feel safe in cooperating with us for a long time.

Request from end customer

Not least for companies with low customer engagement, an important issue is that customer loyalty and the general increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty that the billogram contributes has proven to cause minimal customer loss. The solution is also easy to implement.

– Digitization of the invoice process is a small technical integration for companies. We lead the transition in two or three months to allow the customer to be ready and invoice to create value for the business and the end customer, concludes Carl Lindbergh.

About the Pilogram

Updates the outdated invoicing process by providing an intelligent digital platform for billlog invoices and fees. Through integration and automation, customer management is streamlined for companies with consistent payments and customer experience for their customers.

Contact Philogram.

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