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For sale: Windfree white noise reduction hearing protection

For sale: Windfree white noise reduction hearing protection

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Windfree is a noise-reducing hearing protection that reduces wind noise that occurs when cycling at speeds over 15 km/h. With Windfree on your ears, you can hear traffic and other road users more clearly and get a better idea of ​​what’s going on around you when you’re on the bike.

The protection consists of a smart cell structure foam that reduces noise from fast winds. Windfree does not remove any sounds, but it does make wind noise caused by wind speed less noticeable. You can hear what’s going on around you better and you will experience less ear fatigue as you don’t have to hear the strong wind noise that normally makes in your ears.

For added comfort, a layer of Outlast® is used, a material that’s cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold. Outlast® was developed by NASA to standardize the temperature of astronauts as they work in space.

The Windfree is ideal for use when kayaking, sailing, boating, taxi driving, or a windy day on the golf course. It also works in conjunction with hearing aids.

Windfree noise canceling covers are manufactured in Sweden.

to set
The Windfree is basically one-size-fits-all thanks to the flexible material.
Depth: 15.5 cm
Height: 9 cm
Width: about 17 cm

Collected in Groding (Hanninge municipality). Certain possibility to meet at Tullinge or Sundbyberg as well as transport stops in between. It can be sent if buyer pays for shipping.

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Just swish.



prize: 75 SEK
boycott: Stockholm
place: hanning
published: 58 minutes ago
more information: cyclothic

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