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Football: England won the European Under-21 Championship, with the goalkeeper being the hero of the match

Football: England won the European Under-21 Championship, with the goalkeeper being the hero of the match

The first half was relatively quiet, with Spain in particular creating several chances. At the end of the first half, England received a free kick from just outside the penalty area. Cole Palmer took a half-good free kick that bounced off the Spanish wall and into the goal. 1-0 to England.

The coach got a red card

After the goal, it became very annoying and the players of both teams went out on the field and discussed loudly and pushed each other. The quarrel led to Englishman Levi Colwell and Spaniard Oyhan Sunset receiving two warnings. In addition, England assistant coach Ashley Cole received a red card.

– A turbulent end to the half. It surprised me that there was so much emotion because it was so harsh and stereotypical. There are two terrified teams and this affects them negatively. “I want two teams that play attacking,” SVT pundit Marcus Johansson said on air.

At the beginning of the second half, Spain received a free kick in almost the same place. The situation led to a brilliant free-kick which Ruiz Abel headed home but to the disappointment of the Spanish fans the goal was disallowed for offside.

“Smiling all the time”

The beginning of the second half was marred by a mistake by both teams, to which SVT expert Marcus Johansson responded.

– Off the field, I think there are quite a few close matches where the score reaches 100 percent. It's more retarded, a lot more talk. He said angry all the time.

Spain pressed hard at the end of the second half and had several clear opportunities. Thus, in the final minutes, Spain had a golden opportunity to take the match into extra time when the referee awarded a penalty kick. Spaniard Ruiz Abel took the lead and fired a low shot. English goalkeeper James Trafford became the great hero of the match when he threw himself in and saved both a penalty kick and the rebound.

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“He takes it, and he takes the rebound too,” shouted SVT commentator Billy Bachman.

Thus, England is European Commission champion for the first time in 39 years.