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Finland stops flights to and from the United Kingdom

– The Swedish Transport and Communications Agency (Traficom) decided to boycott passenger traffic between the United Kingdom and Finland for a period of two weeks 21.12.2020-4.1.2021.

The decision makes it difficult or impossible for many UK travelers to return to Finland.

Embassy of Finland in London The Foreign Ministry is monitoring the situation. Travelers must now adapt again to the situation and endure a certain degree of uncertainty. Due to the epidemic, the situation can change suddenly and unexpectedly in any country or region. That is why, since spring, the State Department has advised against taking unnecessary trips abroad at all, according to government instructions.

Traficom A flight ban has been imposed to prevent the new virus strain from spreading to Finland, and the ban also applies to evacuation flights. In the spring, when air traffic was suddenly halted due to the new epidemic, state-subsidized flights to the homeland were arranged by decree of the Prime Minister.

In this case, given that the epidemic and the travel restrictions have been known for a long time, no flights have been planned.

Passengers mainly have to figure out how to get home, but at the moment it can be difficult to find them. Many will have to stay at the destination for passenger traffic to resume. If Traficom, on the recommendation of the Institute for Health and Welfare, changes its decision and it becomes possible to travel again from the United Kingdom to Finland, travelers should travel by commercial contact in the first place.

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As long as the pandemic continues, the State Department has limited opportunities to help those who have struggled abroad. The Embassy of Finland in London is updating current information on the situation on its website and on social media. We recommend that every traveler registers travel at the address

The Institute for Health and Welfare recommends that everyone arriving in Finland from the UK after 7 December take the coronation test, even though they have no symptoms. Through testing, the authorities want to ensure that the new virus strain does not spread in Finland through asymptomatic people who carry the virus. The recommendation also applies to those who have already taken one or two coronation exams after returning to Finland.

For canceled or postponed travel costs, you should contact your flight operator, airline or insurance company.