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Film and podcast about “Developing the game in red, orange and green” – Swedish Tennis Federation

Film and podcast about “Developing the game in red, orange and green” – Swedish Tennis Federation

On 11 May, there was a big initial meeting of all the clubs – especially in the Stockholm area – regarding the “Red, Orange and Green Game Development” project (formerly known as More Tennis Checkpoints). At the gathering in Salkhalen there were also leaders from other regions and clubs from the rest of the Swedish tennis regions.
– This was the first meeting of five this year. This will continue for three years. It briefly covers how to build a good activity for children and young people. The platform is spreading across the country and will grow into something really viable, says Ola Martensson, an expert in children’s and youth tennis at the Swedish Tennis Federation.

During the day, among others, Martin Tillmann (MIK Tennis) and Magnus Eriksson (Djursholms TK) demonstrated practical exercises on the court, and the platform developer – Magnus Johannesson – demonstrated the digital solution.
– Everyone was able to participate and test in groups on how to access skills and what progress could look like, says Pontus Bergevi, who started it all at his club Djursholms TK, where his teammate Thomas Tärnström developed the concept further by building new tools. In the video above.

“You get a little goosebumps when you stand here and see a sea of ​​your fellow tennis players,” Per “Pekka” Henriksson, regional director of Tennis Stockholm, said as the day began. When the practical exercises began, he said:
– For about 90 coaches to come together in this way is wonderful. It is very gratifying that we, as a region, can participate in starting this project that will improve Swedish tennis. “We will have very strong tennis schools, kids who are having a lot of fun and hopefully they will develop faster than they are today,” says Pekka.

Simon Asplin, Salk’s sporting director, says:
– It’s the sophistication you want to feel all the time when working with tennis. This whole concept of game development and being able to share ideas together feels so much fun.

Listen to the first episode of the Red, Orange, and Green Game Development podcast.

At the meeting in Salkhalin, participants had to try to come up with new exercises in two of the four parts on the red track: “Floor” and “Game with a friend over obstacles” (the others are “Match Game” and “Play From”).
The digital platform is already full of information and exercise videos, but the trainers will work together to develop new exercises as tools to progress through the different stages.

The project is nationwide. Currently, both SvTF Syd and Gothenburg are conducting exercises in their regions.
Åsa Svensson, Regional Director of SvTF Mitt, was one of all who attended to learn more about the system and get inspired to teach the instrument at clubs in his area.
-It’s a great network, to be able to share with so many very experienced coaches. It’s an inspiring game development plan that we will follow in the future.

The next meeting will be held in Salkhalin on Thursday, May 25.

Watch the video and listen to the podcast above to learn more about game development in Red, Orange, and Green.