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Danny Boyle's film issues an urgent call to serious cyclists and runners

Danny Boyle's film issues an urgent call to serious cyclists and runners

Cyclists, runners and triathletes are needed as extras in the 28 Days Later sequel, which begins filming in May.

Do you want to appear on the silver screen? Oscar-winning British director Danny Boyle has invited cyclists, runners and triathletes to take part in a film that many believe will be a sequel to 28 Days Later, a 2002 horror film.

the He gives the floor He asks for “ultra marathon runners/serious cyclists/triathletes/people who are very fit.”

The production team remained tight-lipped about the project's name, specifying only that they needed extras for a “feature film.”

Even so, the local news outlet Chronicle Live The casting call involved Boyle speaking to Candy Marlowe, the film's second assistant director responsible for crowd scenes. They are aware that the project will be a sequel to Boyle's 2002 film 28 Days Later.

Filming will take place in the north-east of England in the rugged Northumberland countryside outside Newcastle. Filming is expected to begin in May and continue until the summer.

It's unclear exactly why the producers needed cyclists – perhaps us tall cyclists already have a “scrawny post-apocalyptic survivors” look about us.

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The original 2002 film was about a bike messenger, played by Cillian Murphy, who awakens from a coma to find that society has collapsed after the spread of a deadly virus.

Murphy returns as executive producer for the sequel, which will co-star Jodie Comer, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Ralph Fiennes.

As for extras, no acting experience is needed, Marlowe says Chronicle Live Extras with the right body type will be given all the preparation they need during filming. Extras can expect to earn around £120 per day.

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The dispatch call is marked 'urgent', so if you're a cyclist in the north of England and have a clear calendar, why not sign up?

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