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“Stupid Gran Turismo is a car wreck for a movie.”

“Stupid Gran Turismo is a car wreck for a movie.”

“Gran Turismo” is an exciting film with a professional cinematic narration. But it doesn’t go well with reviewers. DN’s Sebastian Lindvall gave it a low rating and wrote that it was a car wreck for a movie:

“The film shows that director Neill Blomkamp should stop making movies and throw away the keys.”

Kyle Smith of The Wall Street Journal thinks the film is interesting at times and has its moments, but agrees that it’s not special.

“It’s a film for people who like clichés, or who are too young to find them boring.”

“Gran Turismo” is based on a real-life event about teenager Jan Mardenborough, who was so skilled at driving a Playstation race car that he was able to compete in real race cars. But the story in the film is too cliche, writes Jens Petersson of Aftonbladet.

“Here are the types of cartoonish villains. Here are the exciting graphic dramas of purpose.

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