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Facebook seeks to work Latin skills in the US or UK | World | D.W.

Mark Zuckerberg’s company has announced more than 40 positions for undergraduates to work in software engineering projects in its US and UK offices and Front end. The 12-week program will begin in 2022 and will invite talent from Latin America to meet this demand.

Tasks range from project orientation and definition, project development, interim evaluation, calibration and final evaluation. In addition, at the end of the program, students have a “final recruitment opportunity” within Facebook.

Those who apply and choose to enter will be able to choose from 10 possible entry dates from January to September next year.The process begins today, April 8th.

Potential candidates

Other details shared by Facebook about this international internship program include that the company covers the costs of accommodation, visa procedures, tours, transportation to the internship site, and technology, in addition to which it offers a competitive salary. Working equipment such as a cell phone or computer, according to information shared by the social network.

Facebook searches for specific profiles and requires a year or more of experience in programming languages ​​such as Perl, Java, PHP, Python or C ++, plus a good level of English to test, which is currently a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science Degree or equivalent.

“Since 2015, about 380 Latin students have been recruited through this program, and this number has increased due to the good performance of Latin American coaches,” the company explained.

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