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UK introduces new regulator to tackle media-platform imbalance

UK introduces new regulator to tackle media-platform imbalance

The British Competition Commission (CMA) is called a new regulatory body in its structure Digital Markets Division (TMU), Which was born with the aim of reducing the dominance of American technology companies. This is one of the recommendations in a report released by the CMA in July Introduce more balance in the market, especially in relation to the national media Progressive loss of advertising role against these companies. In fact, DMU’s first task is to analyze the reliability of a code similar to the one adopted in Australia in the United Kingdom.

This was confirmed Oliver Totten, Secretary of State for Government Digital, Culture, Media and Games: “I’m asking you to start looking at the relationship between sites and content providers and sites and digital advertisers.” Purpose Make sure the dynamics between the three groups are as reasonable as possible By supporting a more consistent background scenario for negotiations.

According to Dowton, this will “allow for the growth of new digital services and lower prices, and Retain our media portfolio and give consumers more choice and control over their dataThis is essential for freedom of expression and our democratic values. “

The initial position of the British market reflects Google’s clear dominance in search ads, with a market share of over 90%, while Facebook leads the way with more than 50% views. The CMA report also refers to it In total, both sites send 40% of total visits to the country’s media, Which is a pro, which “may reduce the percentage of your advertising revenue and negatively affect your ability to generate valuable content” according to the document.

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The DMU will be operational once the British Parliament passes legislation to help it do so. Your function will be activated Will Hatter, Has been the director of the Interim Center for Coordinating the UK Withdrawal from the EU since September. He previously worked for a long time under the leadership of CMA and Ofcom, the British broadcasting and telecommunications regulators. This last body will also be involved in the process New powers have been given to deal with harmful speech on the Internet.

The New Digital Markets segment will evaluate the credibility of an initiative like Australia in the UK.

Australia’s example cited by Dowd as the ultimate inspiration for establishing a better framework for dialogue between sites and the media, Causing other repercussions around the world. The Canadian media has also asked him to follow suit. The UK departure from the EU leaves it without the umbrella of a copyright order, which is what allows the media to reach agreements with sites. This has already happened in France and other countries, and the debate in Spain divides national publishers.