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Extremist Islamic teachings in schools spark outrage in Great Britain – Abroad –

Extremist Islamic teachings in schools spark outrage in Great Britain – Abroad –

The increasingly extreme teaching of Islam in schools has sparked outrage in the UK after an anonymous report to the Department for Education. Many schools are now being asked to reschedule classes.

The British Ministry of Education received an anonymous tip in March that several schools in Birmingham were teaching Islam in an extremist spirit.

The Ministry of Education conducted inspections in about two dozen schools during the spring semester, and the ministry now says it has received evidence that Islamist extremists deliberately tried to influence teaching.

Five schools have now been placed under special supervision, one school was deemed substandard, and 12 other schools have been ordered to upgrade their activities. Three schools were praised for their activities.

According to the report, attempts were made to change the nature and spirit of teaching, teachers were threatened, and female teachers were subjected to inappropriate behavior. She also did not study any religion other than Islam, and romantic relationships between students were forbidden.

One school is said to have also provided support to an Islamic school in the Middle East, while another sent students to Saudi Arabia.

Authorities describe the results as disturbing and shocking.

The principal of the school that has been subjected to the most criticism, Park Phyu, believes that these statements are unfair. According to the director, there is no evidence of extremism. Some of the students’ parents also denied these accusations.

In the future, UK schools will be supervised and all schools must teach tolerance and personal freedom.

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