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Kent NHS in the UK is modernizing patient diagnoses with Sectra through collaboration between multiple hospitals.

Kent NHS in the UK is modernizing patient diagnoses with Sectra through collaboration between multiple hospitals.

Linköping – 12 May, 2022 – Institute of Medical Technology and Internet Security Sectra (STO: SECT B) Kent and Medway have signed an agreement with the Medical Imaging Consortium. The new agreement will enable the Federation of Caregivers to provide quicker diagnoses, improve efficiency and provide patients with the opportunity to have X-rays taken at greater locations. Benefits are also expected from the fact that they will now use the same method as many maintenance providers in large parts of the South East of England.

Soo Long, who is in charge of the Radiology Transformation Federation and its projects at the East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation, says:
– The new system will immediately make important diagnostic images available in our hospitals for image examiners and other health professionals involved. As many hospitals use Sectra’s solution, this will improve the availability of medical images over large areas of the south east of England.

– Patients can expect their pictures to follow them through the maintenance chain, whether inside or outside the association. For example, cancer patients are often transferred to specialized centers, while others are sent to hospitals in London as part of a trauma network and then return to us. So Long continues that it is very important that we have easy access and sharing of images.

Radiologists and other physicians from the University of East Kent Hospitals, the NHS Foundation, the Mightstone and Dunbridge Wells NHS Foundation and the Medway NHS Foundation, can easily access X-ray, computed tomography, MRI, ultrasound, etc. Pictures of the patient tagna.

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Thanks to improved image access, patients can expect more detailed diagnoses and clinical results in a timely manner. Caregivers across the region can mobilize their staff to distribute the workload between hospitals where there is a shortage of certain types of staff, such as radiologists and specialists. Making images easier and more accessible will improve patient safety because unnecessary new X-ray examinations can be avoided, thus reducing radiation exposure to patients.

The radiology module of Sectra’s comprehensive medical image management solution will be implemented in conjunction with Sectra’s supplier-neutral multimedia archives. In addition to the initial focus on radiology and medical photography, the solution offers the opportunity to further expand diagnostic specialties in the future – for example digital pathology.

Sectra’s solution handles 1.4 million studies each year within the consortium. This simplifies the process of diversification circuits by making it easier to access images that contribute to performance gains. Through the initiative, the need for login and exit staff in different organizations will also be reduced. For example, third-party visualization tools can be opened and closed directly in Sectra’s solution and integrated into the answer writing federation’s radiology information system, which reduces the need for radiologists to manually access RIS. The new system will be integrated into the breast augmentation module currently used in Kent and Medway and will already be delivered by Sectra. Caregivers in the region can use AI capability with applications that can be seamlessly integrated with Sectra’s solution.

The agreement was signed in April 2022 and includes Sectra’s complete solution for medical image management as a subscription (Sectra One), which makes the solution easier to scale.

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Says Jane Rental, CEO of Sectra UK and Ireland:
– Accurate and quick diagnosis is important for making informed decisions about proper treatment. As hospitals in Kent modernize imaging diagnostics, they will be more fused with each other and with others in the region. This is to ensure the best outcome for patients and to create optimal working conditions for radiologists and professional care providers.

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