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Third dose in the UK next week

Third dose in the UK next week

On Tuesday afternoon, Health Minister Sajid Javed announced that a third dose of Govit-19 vaccine would be given to anyone at risk and over the age of 50, following the advice of the UK Vaccine Commission (JCVI).

Hospital staff working closely with patients are likely to be introduced to the UK vaccine requirements, Javid says, adding that he does not rule out vaccinating other types of care workers.

Children over the age of twelve

Despite the UK’s successful vaccination program, the spread of the disease has accelerated again, which means schools have now reopened after the delta variation and summer vacation.

On Monday, the government announced that all children over the age of twelve would be vaccinated.

“I have accepted the recommendation of our leading medical experts,” he said, referring to four key medical advisers in the UK, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The National Immunization Team (JCVI) maintains that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages when vaccinating healthy children under 12 and 15 years of age.

A project b

Vaccination and testing are the cornerstone of the fight against the virus, but readiness in the plans – a plan B – can reintroduce oral care and advice to everyone who can work from home, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed during a press conference on Tuesday afternoon.

The British Prime Minister also noted that there was “no support” for the introduction of vaccine passes to pub and nightclub visitors or to various important events.

National strikes should only be taken as a last resort.

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Edited: An earlier version of the speech stated the wrong day for Boris Johnson’s press conference.

Facts: Govt-19 in the UK

Total number of confirmed cases: 7,290,168

Total number of deaths with Govt-19: 134,587

Victims in the last 28 days: 964 653

Deaths in last 28 days: 3,291

Number of vaccine doses distributed: 93,252,430

Data was retrieved on September 14, 2021.

Source: Johns Hopkins University