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Horseback riding is a true Windsor tradition enjoyed today by the king’s grandchildren, Princes George, Charlotte and Louise. William of Cambridge. Each member of the British Royal Family has a different hobby and some activities Entertainment. For example, Catherine of Cambridge is interested in photography and has presented a portrait book called ‘Hold Still’ with her best captures during epidemics. In the same way, Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom He is faithful in horse riding and continues to be 94 years old.

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The little ones Lords of Cambridge They receive early horseback riding lessons after receiving the first pony, which is part of the extracurricular activities they undertake, the newspaper said. The Times.

The minors began to ride horses and spent several weeks in prison at their home in Norfolk, England. “They have become serious teachers in recent months”.

Release details Prince Guillermo And Kate Middleton They are very excited that their children are an element of the family tradition and that they are learning how to clean the barn and how to maintain their ponies.

Over 2020, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom was shown riding one of her chariots in Windsor. (Photo: rotheroyalfamily / Instagram)

What does Isabel II think?

The Times Highlights that are sovereign “He is very concerned about the progress of his grandchildren.”, Because horses are one of them “Best Feelings” He looks forward to your company as he walks through Windsor and Palmoral next summer.

Taste for horses Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom It is registered on the official website of the royal family, and more and more members are interested in this discipline.

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Zara Dindall, Cousin of the prince William of Cambridge, Is the eldest granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip of Edinburgh, and has dedicated a part of her life to the world of equestrianism, which is why many know her as the Amazon of royalty. She is the one who donated one of her ponies to little Prince George to ride in Windsor in 2018.

He loves the world of his mother, Princess Anne, equestrian. He competed in the 1976 Montreal Olympics in this category, sponsoring a ride to a disability charity at just 19 years old. In addition, according to ‘Hello’, In an interview at the end of 2019, revealed that the Queen’s daughter is 69 years old and they still ride horses.

Princes Harry and Guillermo are also linked to the act and have starred in numerous polo days alongside their father, Prince Charles of Wales.