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The report says race is not a factor in explaining inequalities in the UK

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LONDON, March 31 (EFE) .- Appointed by the government as a result of anti-racist protests, according to a study released this Wednesday that race and racism are not relevant factors when explaining social inequalities in the UK.

The Commission on Racial and Racial Inequality, established after the so-called “Black Lives Matter” anti-racism movement in the United States following the death of George Floyd last year, conducted a comprehensive analysis of racism in the country.

Instead the Commission argues that the class system has a greater impact on the life of an individual, which says there is no evidence that the UK is institutionally racist.

It further points out that the country has been successful in bridging ethnic differences in areas such as education and the economy.

Children from ethnic communities performed better or better than white students in education, while minorities of Caribbean descent were the least active group.

According to the Commission’s analysis, the success of education has “changed British society over the past 50 years by providing greater opportunities for all.”

Among other things, the Commission noted an increase in the diversity of professionals in law or medicine, while the pay gap between ethnic minorities and the majority white population has narrowed in recent years.

Commission Chairman Tony Sewell said Wednesday that “the impact of education changes not only individuals but also their families and communities.”

The more than 200-page report makes a series of recommendations, such as expanding classes in schools in the most depressed areas of the country, to help minors with education lost by the epidemic.

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It also suggests that children from low-income families should seek better counseling in schools about their future careers.

The Commission underscores the importance of doing additional research to establish why some students perform better in certain communities.