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El Salvador is increasingly authoritarian |  SVT News

El Salvador is increasingly authoritarian | SVT News

Independent courts are necessary for a democratic government, says the US Secretary of State

Anthony Blinken comments on voting in Parliament. Vice President Kamala Harris also tweeted his concerns about the future of El Salvador’s democracy.

President Buckley’s “New Ideas” (New Ideas) party, who is nearly three years old, won an outright majority in the February parliamentary elections and is now acting with the approval of its president. The five rulings were rejected in the Constitutional Court, part of the Supreme Court, as well as the Attorney General, after accusations of lack of independence and that fighting the epidemic has become more difficult. Anthony Blinken is particularly concerned about the prosecutor’s dismissal because, according to Blinken, he has successfully combated corruption and gang crime in both El Salvador and the United States.

Popular Bukele

However, the 39-year-old Buckley, who won the presidential election two years ago, is hugely popular and has pushed the old parties to the sidelines. The two arch rivals, the right-wing Arena and the left-wing FMLN (the former guerrilla movement), agreed to condemn the vote, but in the eyes of many they are at the same time more connected to corruption. And poor judgment when poverty and crime grew into their alternative possessions. Since the number of murders has decreased in El Salvador and the fight against gangs has had some success, Buckili’s party was able to benefit from it in the last parliamentary elections.

Bukele is a young, charismatic man who is accustomed to engaging with social media as he says he is happy with the vote and its outcome. Last year, he led heavily armed soldiers who surrounded Parliament in a show of force, when the vote did not go as planned. Despite criticism from the United States, the UN special rapporteur, the opposition and local organizations, the police have already escorted the five new judges to their workplaces.

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