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250 international journalists advocate for Russia

250 international journalists advocate for Russia

Was set April 23 this year Meduza news site Suddenly on the list of “foreign clients” of the Russian state. In practice, this means Meduza can no longer be approved for any press conference. Their journalists struggle to book interviews with public figures. The Meduza site should also contain a text box stating, “This material is created by a broker with the same function as a foreign agent…”.

The country has not cited any specific reason why Medusa is now classified as a foreign client. The editorial board is based in Lithuania and their texts are often investigative and power hungry. Today in Russia there are a large number of TV channels, newspapers and magazines owned directly or indirectly by the Russian state, and therefore they cannot give an objective picture of many major news events. For example, opposition politician Alexei Navalny was imprisoned.

Earlier criticized the European Union Russia’s actions against Medusa, which are just one example of several restrictions on media freedom in the country over the past month.

“It is of grave concern that the Russian authorities continue to restrict the work of independent media platforms and the work of individual journalists and other media workers. This contravenes Russia’s international obligations and commitments on human rights,” the statement said.

On Monday it is too On Freedom of the Press Day, an invitation was published on the websites of several leading media organizations around the world. The description states that during President Vladimir Putin’s rule, the Russian state gradually exerted pressure on the country’s independent media, to the point that state-owned media now controls the show.

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Swedish organization CEO and Publishers Robert Olson It is one of those signed. He is joined by Katherine Viner for the Guardian, Matt Kiefer for the Washington Post, and 247 other colleagues from around the world.

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