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France awaits with sanctions on fishing dispute

France awaits with sanctions on fishing dispute

France has threatened to shut down British vessels from its ports if Britain does not allow fishing rights. According to the French, the British were violating the Brexit Treaty by not allowing enough French vessels to fish in the English Channel.

On Tuesday, the deadline for England ended, but now Emmanuel Macron is giving the country more time. Negotiations continue, with ministers from around the world meeting on Thursday to discuss Brexit issues.

Until then France will take no action.

Minister of the Environment of the United Kingdom George Eustis believes good talks took place on Monday and until then BBC He says there has been a “major reduction” in the fishing dispute.

“We welcome France’s decision not to pursue its threats and we will continue to hold constructive talks,” the minister said.

Under the Brexit agreement, those countries would issue fishing licenses to boats that could show that they had previously fished in their waters. However, there was a difference of opinion as to how many documents were required for the permit to be issued and the French boats were denied permission and the conflict erupted.

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