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EA changes layout around 'Battlefield'

EA changes layout around ‘Battlefield’

We will build a “Battlefield” world, one with several projects connected to the player in the center, Vince Zampella tells Gamespot.

He is a co-founder of American Respawn Entertainment, also owned by EA, and was appointed general manager of the “Battlefield” brand.

“Battlefield” was created by Swedish Dice, the studio that has been developing most of the games in the series since the first “Battlefield 1942” was released in 2002. The most recent one, “Battlefield 2042”, was released in November and released on a shaky start.

Many players were annoyed by the missing features and most bugs, and the game suffered from killer player ratings (for a while, the game had one of the worst ratings ever on the Steam distribution platform). Reviewers have differed in their criticisms and the game currently does not exceed 70 marks out of 100 in the Metacritic compilation.

“We will continue to develop and grow Battlefield 2042, and we will explore new types of experiences and business models along the way that we can add to this foundation,” Zampella told Gamespot.

The site speculates that the new approach could mean that new games in the series may be made somewhere other than Sweden, for example at the Ripple Effects studio (formerly Dice LA) for which Zampella is also generally responsible.

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