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Leak reveals the first Google Watch

Leak reveals the first Google Watch

A number of leaks are now coming out with information that Google is working on its own smartwatch. Of course, there is nothing official about what will be included under the name of Project Rohan, but it is claimed that it will be called the Pixel Watch.

Already in the spring of this year, rumors appeared about a Google watch with the name Project Rohan, but now the development has reached such a point that there should be working prototypes that were used in development tests. According to our testers, there may be some issues with battery life. At the moment, the watch should only last a day on a single charge and also charge very slowly, but it is not clear if this is something that can affect the development or if the battery life can be extended before the official launch.

The leaks, presumably people working for Google, say that the watch will have a circular design that is no different Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. There should also be no ring around the screenless dial all the way to the edges.

At the moment, which watch is supposed to use the latest version of Wear OSIt now offers basic health metrics and should be able to integrate with Fitbit, which Google bought some time ago.

Recently, Google’s Wear OS has seen a massive increase in users, rising from a low and thanks to new Samsung smartwatches using the system. Figures for the third quarter of 2021 showed that 17.3 percent of watches delivered use Wear OS, compared to 3.2 percent for the same quarter of 2020.

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The Pixel Watch is intended to launch next year, and that’s expected to happen in the spring.