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Titanfall - Respawn has stopped selling the first game

Titanfall – Respawn has stopped selling the first game

It will also be removed from subscription services.

Last year was tumultuous for the first time fall of titanGame and Respawn Entertainment. Those who still play it have complained, among other things, that cheaters are spoiling the game and making it unplayable. This resentment reached its peak in someone Hacked Apex Legends, also developed by Respawn, under the “Save Titanfall” tab.

Additionally, their game has also been hit by DDoS attacks, and it now appears that Respawn has decided the game has come to the end of the road, at least in terms of sales.

In a Twitter message, Respawn wrote that fall of titan He is part of the studio’s DNA and seven years after its launch he continues to be an innovative source of inspiration. But as of today, they will not be selling any other copies of the game, and it will also be removed from subscription services on March 1, 2022. Those who already own the game will be able to continue playing, as they plan to keep the servers running. However, they did not say how long this would last.

As they promise Titanfalls The universe will live, today through Titanfall 2 And Apex Legends, as well as in the future. Work by Respawn President Vince Zampella by He says who wants fall of titan That the series will return in the future, but that’s not something they’re currently working on.