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Drama at the Dinner Party – The Disappearance of Margaret’s Earring |  Swedish lady

Drama at the Dinner Party – The Disappearance of Margaret’s Earring | Swedish lady

The panic was near – in the middle of the dinner party: Queen Margaret’s priceless jewel had suddenly disappeared.

That was a wonderful dinner that started Queen Margaret State visit to Germany and all is well just as one would expect when the Queen of Denmark wears her festive attire:

Margaret arrived wearing an emerald green lace. In the hair ensemble, the priceless crown of hair sparkled and matching knots settled into the neckline. And he sat directly below her: the brooch – which would soon be the evening’s big drama.

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Queen Margaret

Queen Margaret in her Poire garnish, one of the royal jewels of historical importance, which has been around for nearly 200 years.

Photo: TT

As Margaret was standing there on the steps of Schloss Bellevue in Berlin, along with her chief host, five large pear-shaped pearls dangled from the gift necklace.

And when then Margaret had slipped off the castle stairs – suddenly there were only four. panic!

Queen Margaret brooch

Before and After: To the right as it appeared upon Margaret’s arrival. And to the left after the Queen dropped the pearl.

Photo: TT

Queen Margaret dropped the historical gem

A pearl vanished, simply fading into her grasp. And this despite the fact that Danish court jewelers probably take good care of these jewelry and make sure they are in perfect condition.

But what seemed like a royal disaster came to a happy ending after all. The gleaming white pearl, whereabouts unknown, was found and may be returned, most likely to a person in Margaret’s court entourage.

This is what the Danish court confirmed to the sister newspaper Picturemagazine. However, the damaged brooch can only be repaired after Margaret returns. And next time, all of Margaret’s jewelry will be checked two and three times before she wears it.

Queen Margaret's pearl adornment

Queen Margaret can breathe a sigh of relief!

Photo: TT

The pearl adornment is the property of Margaret and is part of the so-called The Danish Royal Commission for Movable Property. Thus it is also possible to take it abroad – unlike the Crown Jewels which have been banned from travel!

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Photo: TT.

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