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Donald Trump's top advisor agrees with investigators to testify about the January 6 storm

Donald Trump’s top advisor agrees with investigators to testify about the January 6 storm

According to the investigative committee, the two spread false information that the 2020 presidential election could have been rigged, thus contributing to a mob of Trump supporters attacking and even entering the Capitol after a speech by the former president.

writes in the mood The House investigator said that during her tenure as press secretary Kayleigh McEnany on several occasions, from the White House and elsewhere, made repeated statements about “voting fraud in connection with the November 2020 election, which was then repeated by individuals who Attack the Capitol On January 6th.

In the lawsuit against Stephen Miller, investigators wrote that Miller prepared Donald Trump’s January 6 speech and that he was with Trump at a “stop the theft” meeting held just before the storm, he wrote. hill.

“The committee wants to know everything About what happened at the White House on January 6 and the days before it,” Democratic Committee Chairman Benny Thompson wrote in a statement.

In total, investigators have now agreed to have 35 people around Donald Trump attend and answer questions before the panel, he writes The New York Times. The commission collected more than 150 testimonies. More than 670 people were charged with involvement in the storm.

Later Tuesday evening, Trump and his lawyers suffered a setback when a federal judge ruled that the Jan. 6 commission could access phone lists, attendance lists and other documents from the White House in its investigations. Something Trump’s lawyers tried to stop.

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