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Do you (also) always sing wrong? Now Spotify wants to “help” – releases lyrics in the app

More than 170 million people pay Every month for Spotify Today, the huge catalog includes tens of millions of songs. Earlier this year, it was estimated that Spotify is capable of Close to 100 million songs Until the end of the year, based on how much service is loaded each day.

Something that, on the other hand, hasn’t been on the platform as much are the lyrics behind the songs. On some songs, there were previously lines of text mixed in with facts about the song and artist in the app, but no full lyrics from the songs.

Even today.

Spotify is now announcing the launch of a collaboration with Musixmatch, which will take the lyrics to the majority of the company’s large song catalog.

“For all of us who find it hard to hear lyrics and shy away from singing wrong,” Breakit News Director Matilda Anderson told the editorial board’s Slack Channel.

Phoebe Buffay in Friends had a hard time with Tiny Dancer . lyrics

Spotify itself assures that the lyrics will be available to both free users and premium subscribers on the platforms offered by the company’s app today.

Song lyrics are one of the most desired features by listeners around the world. So, after several tests, we created an experience that is both simple and interactive,” Spotify wrote in a press release.

The new service comes about a year after Spotify announced that it had added a feature to the platform that made it possible to find songs by searching for lyrics in the app.

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