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Now Apple products will be easier to repair

Now Apple products will be easier to repair

Apple’s Self-Service Repair will initially include iPhone 12 and 13 products and then Mac computers equipped with M1 chips. Initially, the scope will focus on the most common fixes such as the screen, battery, and camera.

The service will be introduced in the United States in early 2022 and then in the rest of the world during the year.

pressure increase

Apple’s new approach to independent reform comes after months of mounting pressure from activists and lawmakers. Wednesday, when the announcement was made, was also a deadline for a request from shareholders that Apple reevaluate its approach to standalone reforms.

— The timing is no coincidence at all, says Annalisa Tarizzo of Green Century, the fund company that pushed the case, to the edge.

Green Centruy will now withdraw its demand that Apple review its “counter-repair practices” and assess the benefits of making parts and tools available to more people.


Among those who have long fought for the right to repair – Apple’s message is victory.

Kyle Wiens, CEO of Ifixit, which sells parts and manuals, Writes It may not seem strange that Apple publishes manuals and provides spare parts, but this is a change in the system.

“Resources are scarce and they are valuable. Making electronics takes a lot of energy and carbon dioxide and the planet is getting warmer… So, thanks to those at Apple who made it happen. And to all the wonderful people at the other manufacturers who are working to change things for the better.”