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Discovery of school students: Cola gives false positive cov test

Discovery of school students: Cola gives false positive cov test

A school in the UK urges parents to keep an eye on their children when conducting quick tests for Govt-19 Writes a news site called Newsweek. The reason is that students have found that drops of fruit juice or cola can have a false positive effect. Videos of the event have been circulating on the social media site Dictok.

A British chemistry professor did one of his own experiments and states BBC article Yes, drinks like fruit juice or cola can give false results in quick tests called the “side flow” method. The antibodies used in the experiments are affected by the low pH value of the acid drinks.

“Kids, I appreciate your ingenuity, but now I’m found a way to expose your intrigue.

It is recommended to take quick tests

In the UK, the government recommends that residents have a quick check-in twice a week. School children are also encouraged to do experiments. If a positive result occurs, the student is encouraged to isolate themselves at home.

However, a positive rapid test should be followed with a more secure PCR test. According to Mark Larch, they cannot be handled with sour drinks.

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