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EU blames AstraZeneca for vaccination war with UK |  The world

EU blames AstraZeneca for vaccination war with UK | The world

Britain has asked the European Union (EU) to allow it to provide the COVID-19 vaccines it has ordered, while tensions have risen over a ban on camp-made vaccines, but Brussels has blamed AstraZeneca.

The UK cannot be faulted. The EU cannot be criticizedA senior EU official announced. “It’s all about coming up with a company that sells more of its productivity. AstraZeneca needs to deliver sizes to its EU customers”.

EU leaders are due to discuss the issue at a summit on Thursday, with the United States lagging far behind the United States in post-Brexit vaccine development.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to hold talks with top EU leaders, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron.

There will be some serious talks with the EU on the importance of not holding these siegesHealth Minister Helen Watley told LBC Radio. “It is very important that companies are able to fulfill their contractual obligations”.

The UK, which withdrew from EU orbit on December 31, has repeatedly warned Brussels that violating the treaty could have serious consequences, but has not yet specified what they will contain.

According to EU representatives, AstraZeneca has told Brussels that the United Kingdom is using a section of its supply agreement that will prevent it from exporting its vaccines until the British market is completely closed.

While France, Germany and Italy support tougher export restrictions to countries that do not contribute equally, countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium and Ireland are more cautious when the Kingdom cuts supplies to United.

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An EU official told Reuters on Sunday that the camp was rejecting a request from the British government to send AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, which is being manufactured at a factory in the Netherlands.

The British insist that the Holix plant in the Netherlands must supply the medicine produced there. That is not possibleSaid the officer.

The Leiden plant, which is managed by subcontractor Hollix, is listed as a vaccine supplier in two agreements signed by Astrogeneka with the UK and the European Union.

Made in Holix should go to the EU”The officer added.

AstraZeneca has not yet applied for EU approval for the Holix, but a second source from the representative and camp indicates that the application is coming. Vaccines manufactured in Holix cannot be administered in the EU without regulatory approval.

As of March 20, the UK has vaccinated about 44 people per 100 people, while the European Union has vaccinated about 13 people per 100 people, according to public data compiled by our World’s Data website.