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After the kiss: Health Minister Matt Hancock resigned

After the kiss: Health Minister Matt Hancock resigned

On Friday, The Sun published photos of Hancock kissing his colleague Gina Goladangelo. Both Hancock and Coltangelo were married elsewhere.

These photos must have been taken on the premises of the Ministry of Health on May 6, about two weeks before they were allowed to interact with other household members. Under the UK Epidemiology Act, it is illegal for two or more people from different households to practice indoors, with certain exceptions to charity or work.

Shortly after the output increased Resignation requirements of Hancock. After Dominique Cumming, Boris Johnson’s top adviser, went on a trip in May 2020, many people were reminded of windy weather, even though most parts of the country were closed.

Saturday night came Announcement that Matt Hancock is resigning. In a short video posted on Twitter, he explains why he came to this conclusion:

– I understand the tremendous sacrifices made by everyone in this country. We who created these rules must also follow them. That is why I have to resign.

Hancock notes that government appointment is the glory of his life Written resignation letter, And he is “very proud” of what he has achieved.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson says the kiss is a personal matter after supporting Hong Kong According to the BBC He said he was “sorry” to receive the resignation notice.

Hancock and Coltangelo have been There have been calls from close friends since university days and inquiries as to how he received public service in his ministry.

The new health minister, Sajid Javed, was home minister from 2018 to 2019 and then finance minister before Rishi Sunak took over the charge.

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