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Did Playstation Japan reveal its acquisition of Bluepoint Games?

Did Playstation Japan reveal its acquisition of Bluepoint Games?

It wouldn’t be a huge risk directly.

about this day mentioned We that Sony has bought Finnish studio Housemarque, behind the exclusive Playstation 5 back (Read reconsidering!). It was announced, among other things Twitter, where official Playstation accounts posted a photo with the text “Welcome to family” and an image of the Playstations and Housemarque logos.

But the Japanese Twitter account stood out a little, because instead of the Housemarque logo, they had Bluepoint Games. One of the photos in the background was also from demon souls It is not featured in the ad image for Housemarque. The tweet was quickly deleted, but the internet never forgets (to take it screenshot).

Bluepoint Games has provided many high-quality experiences in recent years, such as shadow of the Colossus-Remaken and demon souls– Return. Given how closely they collaborate with Playstation, it’s easy to believe they are actually owned by Sony, but that’s not the case.

We don’t know what this little slip means, but it looks like Sony is acquiring Bluepoint. This can of course be a very loud mistake as instead of using the same image as everyone else, they paste in a developer logo completely different than intended and add an image from one of their games. You have to decide for yourself which one feels out of reach.

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