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The impact of the epidemic on Swedish cultural habits

The impact of the epidemic on Swedish cultural habits

Until 2019, cultural customs in Sweden were characterized by stability rather than change. But despite the fact that the epidemic has affected the cultural customs of the Swedes, there are, as before, clear differences between the groups, the authority wrote.

Older people were less involved in cultural activities, while people with higher education were more culturally active. The survey also shows that urban residents used the cultural offering to a greater extent than rural residents.

The most popular cultural activity During the year he was listening to music, which 97 percent did at least once. 92 percent have seen movies and 81 percent have read a book at some point.

The percentage of those who went to theater performances and concerts decreased, followed by cinema and museums – only 24 percent went to the theater, while 43 percent visited a museum. Slightly more than half of Swedes go to the cinema during the year.

The decrease in visitor activity will now be further analyzed.

“It remains to be seen whether the epidemic will have long-term effects on the cultural habits of the population and, if so, how the epidemic will have,” wrote Marie Nilsson, an investigator at the Swedish Agency for Cultural Analysis.

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