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Deforestation in Colombia: Norway, the United Kingdom and Germany cooperate

Deforestation in Colombia: Norway, the United Kingdom and Germany cooperate

Colombia will receive Contribution up to 6 366 million If it manages to reduce deforestation, by 2025, the cooperation agreement approved by Norway, Germany and the United Kingdom.

It should be noted that this agreement was formally renewed at the 25th Conference of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP-25) held on 11 December 2019 in Madrid (Spain).

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To access this money, the country must fulfill two obligations:

  • Allowances for meeting policy milestones Or implementation milestones. (There are 33, with which you can get up to $ 106 million), until 2022.
  • Payments for greenhouse gas emissions reduction results (Up to 260 million by 2025). The number of deforestations should be below 155,000 hectares by 2022. And should be below 100,000 hectares from 2022 to 2025.

Environment Minister Carlos Correa pointed out that the government has taken a number of steps to achieve the goals, including the creation of a National Council to combat deforestation.

“We will institutionalize legitimacy, Achieving the approval of both bills The fight against environmental crimes and illegal exploitation of minerals, the latter being led by the Ministry of Energy, ”he said.

He had it. “With the new royalty law, products for sustainable development were created, And the National Environment Agency, through budget legislation, has acquired resources in excess of one billion pesos. ”

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Colin Martin-Reynolds, Ambassador of the United Kingdom, Highlight What “Stopping and replacing deforestation is a top priority Under this joint objective and under our UK-Colombia Alliance for Sustainable Development; It is necessary to fulfill the ambitious commitment of the NDC of Colombia. We will continue to work together to understand Colombian priorities and support them prior to COP-26.

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Meanwhile, Norwegian Ambassador John Better Optal said “There is no stable future on this planet without the Amazon jungle. Colombia has a leading role in this important task, supported by Norway, Germany and the United Kingdom. Norway is pleased to support Colombia up to NOK $ 2.87 billion, with most of this amount continuing to achieve verified national emissions reductions. “